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John Marshall

John Marshall

Founder and Executive Director of the World Ethical Data Foundation and the World Ethical Data Forum (WEDF)

John Marshall is the founder and Executive Director of the World Ethical Data Foundation and the World Ethical Data Forum (WEDF), global organisations addressing the full range of issues around the use and future of data. His work spans numerous domains, including AI and data, governance, privacy and rights, cybersecurity, disinformation, encryption, critical infrastructure, and global information supply chains. He is frequently called upon to advise governments and organisations on matters of digital strategy and regulation.

At the World Ethical Data Foundation, John leads the creation of several technologies, including ERA, a universally accessible and comprehensive information solution designed to give visibility, longevity, structure, and efficacy to all human rights and fundamental freedoms information. Most recently, he led the work on WEDF’s Open Standard for Responsible AI, the world’s first framework balancing top-down expertise with bottom-up input from an ongoing pool of suggestions from the global public. At the World Ethical Data Forum, John oversees one of the world’s largest digital events, growing from 500 attendees in 2018 to over 120,000 from more than 100 countries in 2024. The forum, built on open source, privacy-respecting, and interoperable infrastructure, is free from paywalls and continually innovating to eliminate all barriers to participation. In a volunteer capacity, John is a NEBM for Snowstorm, a peer-to-peer microproxy network designed to enable unrestricted access to the free and open internet. He is also an associate member of the Linux Foundation, Linux Foundation AI & Data, and PyTorch. His academic background is in philosophy, mathematical physics, and literature, with degrees from Cambridge University.

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